Targeted Acquisitions

Founded in 2012, Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors Institutional Advisory Group (IAG) focus on targeted acquisitions.  They source and acquire off-market opportunities of various property types for REITS, Pension Funds, Private Equity, and other institutional quality buyers across the country.

Regardless of the size of their acquisitions team, organizations found it difficult to dedicate personnel to directly contact every property owner with product that fit their investment criteria. Therefore the Targeted Acquisition Services (TAS) concept was born.

TAS acts as a supplement to an organization’s existing acquisitions team, sourcing properties which are not actively marketed for sale.  They work collaboratively with clients to identify assets of greatest interest in their target markets. Once the list is established, TAS will strive to uncover every off-market opportunity which meets their client’s acquisition criteria through a network of local market experts and relentless cold-calling campaigns.

As TAS believes that client satisfaction is crucial to its success, all service agreements between TAS and its clients are able to be canceled with thirty days written notice.


Understanding Needs
  • Generate and analyze property lists matching the client’s specifications within each target market
  • Assess each owner’s true level of interest in selling


Delivering Value
  • Collaborate with clients to identify properties of greatest interest.
  • A network of local market experts and a team of dedicated cold callers will contact each specified property owner until they have determined whether they might be a potential seller


Closing the Deal
  • Obtain critical property data
  • Assist in generating and submitting offers
  • Negotiate the deal
  • Support the due diligence process

Bruce Weissberg

Institutional Advisory Group


Stephanie Weber

Institutional Advisory Group