Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors specialize in multifamily investment sales nationwide. By combining detailed submarket knowledge with macroeconomic trends, like identifying value, fluctuations in interest rates, and educated forecasts of the financial markets, we can develop concrete investment strategies that achieve the financial goals of our clients.

Property Valuation

Valuing an investment property requires a great deal of emphasis on analyzing property values and is extremely time sensitive in order to account for market factors, tax policies, and interest rate fluctuations. We can help determine an asset’s value by evaluating the expected level of return verses the level of risk so that our clients make smart investment decisions.


Whether providing valuation and advisory services, marketing the property for sale, or managing the escrow, we take the necessary steps to protect our client’s interests.  Advisors competitive sale advantages include customized marketing strategies, exposure through our national network, guidance throughout escrow process and expert negotiation skills.


We pride ourselves in our ability to provide a detailed analysis of recent sales, on-market opportunities, and centralized rents.   Our advisors provide unmatched advisory services that help clients develop realistic expectations – saving time and money when moving forward to purchase investment property.

1031 Exchange

The 1031 Exchange process allows an investor the opportunity to trade out of their property without the immediate recognition of capital gains or losses.  Our extensive relationships with investors, a proprietary database that is updated continuously, and our access to deliverable, exclusively listed properties, enables us to identify motivated exchange buyers for our clients.