Market Intelligence

Distribution On Demand

Today’s consumers have high expectations. They want—and expect—to receive their desired doodad as fast as possible, and industry is responding. Companies like Amazon, Target and Wal-Mart have raised the distribution bar, providing their customers with products faster than ever. But moving a product from manufacturerRead More

Financial $afe Haven

New York. Boston. Chicago. Salt Lake? The United States’ largest cities have long been attractive targets for foreign investors looking to put their money into commercial real estate. Now, as more and more foreign investors flood into the market, they’re looking beyond the big citiesRead More

Dynamic Development

By the year 2050, the state of Utah’s population is going to nearly double. With the country’s youngest population and highest birth rate, the state is poised for a population boom that could radically alter its cities, communities and open spaces. Fortunately, government officials, communityRead More

Riding The Wave

It’s not uncommon for commercial real estate firms to tackle a new market, where some will succeed and some will fail. What is uncommon, however, is entering a market and more than doubling the square footage of properties under management in just three months’ time.Read More

Utah Commercial Real Estate Investment Knocks

A tectonic shift in the Utah commercial real estate investment landscape is currently shaking up the market. Until recently Salt Lake City investment properties have been dominated by local and regional developers and investors with strong Utah ties. But over the past 18 months, major institutional investors haveRead More

Understanding Today’s Industrial Space

In the post-recession economy, businesses are laser focused on using technology and innovation to do more with less. This mandate for greater efficiencies can be seen in the industrial real estate market as well, where developers are using leading-edge technology as they design and buildRead More