In 1906, Colbert Coldwell and Benjamin Banker launched the most respected commercial real estate firm in the world with a focus on serving as trusted advisors to the captains of industry and community builders. Today, Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors embodies the core principles established by Coldwell and Banker, propelling the vision of these industry pioneers forward over a century later.

Each building, each partnership, each community strengthened means a chance to shape the markets we serve. We are not simply a one-size-fits-all commercial real estate brokerage. Coldwell Banker Commercial (CBC) Advisors serves as a powerful vehicle and platform to deliver client success and outperform the market. At CBC Advisors, we develop and leverage proprietary market intelligence and strategic initiatives–in service to ensuring optimal results and outcomes for the client. Simply put, we arm our professionals with the best available tools and resources to deliver results for every client need. We deploy the best and brightest minds in commercial real estate nationwide to create customized solutions and strategies for each client.

Our professionals are our greatest assets. They are partners ready to serve as formidable advocates to entrepreneurship and business, while navigating the often-traitorous commercial real estate process. CBC Advisors has redefined the commercial real estate industry though a client-centric culture and broker-lead approach to management.

It’s not business. It’s our legacy.

  • Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors Named Fastest Growing Mid-Sized Brokerage

    Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors named among the fastest growing commercial real estate companies in the United States at the conclusion of 2016. This marks the second consecutive year that Real Estate Forum has named Advisors the fastest growing “mid-size brokerage services” firm.

  • Becoming A Top 25 Brokerage Firm

    National Real Estate Investor released its annual ranking of the top commercial real estate brokerage firms nationally. Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors was named among the top 25 most influential brokerages in the U.S.

  • Rob Cord Named President

    Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors names industry veteran Rob Cord President with Lew Cramer continuing to function as the firm’s CEO. Cord will lead national expansion efforts while overseeing a growing Asset Services practice.

  • Further Growth in Arizona and Texas Markets

    An acquisition of CB United Realtors Houston office – with over 20 Houston-based commercial real estate professionals and the addition of commercial real estate veteran Chuck Wells to lead a Phoenix based Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisor’s office, the firm now has offices in 3 of the top 4 cities in the United States. Company now totals 500 brokers and 30 offices.

  • Accelerating Southern California Growth

    Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors opens an office in Woodland Hills California with veteran Lee Black as managing principal.

  • A Merge of Coldwell Banker Commercial’s Top-Performing Affiliates Worldwide

    Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors acquired Coldwell Banker Commercial Alliance. The historic acquisition and resulting expansion created a powerful national footprint in primary and secondary markets across the United States. All 10 Alliance offices throughout New York, California, Texas, Florida, and Colorado began advising clients under the Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors brand.

  • Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors Purchases NAI Vista

    Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors acquires NAI Vista. The move further strengthened the firm’s investment presence while powerfully positioning its professionals in the heart of Salt Lake City with a prestigious office location on the 22nd floor of 111 Main.

  • Asset Services Division Expands with Addition of Rob Cord

    Rob Cord joined Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors as President of Asset Services. Under Rob’s leadership, Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors began opening CBC Advisors Asset Services offices across the country to enhance service for institutional-grade properties nationwide.

  • State-of-the-Art Facility Opens in American Fork, Utah

    A newly opened Utah County facility is home to 35 of Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors’ top-producing Utah County agents, offering expertise and exceptional service to clients throughout the retail, office, land and industrial commercial real estate sectors.

  • Lew Cramer Becomes President & CEO

    Lew Cramer joined Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors as President and CEO, leaving his position as the founding President and CEO of the World Trade Center Utah where he tripled Utah exports in seven years. After the change in management Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors shifted its focus from EBITA to growing the brand.

  • Taking Back Control

    Brandon Fugal, Tim Simonsen, and Stuart Thain acquired the Salt Lake holdings from Coldwell Banker Commercial corporate, creating a sophisticated institutional grade platform within a dynamic agent-centric environment.  The firm becomes known as Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors.

  • Becoming the Largest Brokerage in the Intermountain West

    As the organization grew, it shattered previous sales achievements by setting nearly every brand record available. The results led to the company becoming the largest commercial brokerage in the Intermountain West with office locations in Anchorage Alaska and throughout Utah and Idaho.

  • A Prime Commercial Real Estate Firm

    Prime Commercial was acquired, featuring Stuart Thain and Tim Simonsen as top producers. At the time, Prime was the largest retail brokerage in Salt Lake City. The merger created the largest commercial real estate firm in Utah and the #1 office for the entire Coldwell Banker Commercial brand globally.

  • A Corporate Purchase and Merge

    The Coldwell Banker Commercial Salt Lake City franchise was purchased by Coldwell Banker Commercial corporate before merging with two other smaller commercial real estate firms to become the largest office brokerage in the Salt Lake market.

  • Coldwell Banker Commercial Begins a Legacy of Excellence in Salt Lake City, Utah

    Fueled by the production of a young but phenomenally successful office broker named Brandon Fugal, the Utah operations of Coldwell Banker Commercial commences. Leveraging Fugals’s leading position in the Utah commercial real estate market, the firm commences bold expansion efforts.

  • Coldwell Banker Commercial Reemerges with Nationwide Expansion

    Following expiration of the non-compete agreement inherited from Sears, Coldwell Banker Corp (now owned by Realogy) re-enters the commercial market and re-establishes Coldwell Banker Commercial with expansion nationwide.

  • Coldwell Banker Agrees to Multi-Year Non-Compete Agreement

    Sears sells its commercial real estate operations to a management group and outside investors, with the requirement that the new group be renamed CB Commercial (now CBRE) and cease using the recognized historical branding, with the ownership of Coldwell Banker agreeing to multi-year non-compete agreement.

  • Coldwell Banker Gets Sold

    Coldwell Banker launched a nationwide advertising campaign, and was sold to Sears, Roebuck & Company.

  • Coldwell Banker Establishes Major Presence

    Coldwell Banker began trading on the New York Stock Exchange and launched even more ambitious growth and acquisitions, including establishing a major presence in New York commercial real estate and office leasing.

  • The Launch of a Preeminent Commercial Real Estate Firm

    Colbert Coldwell and Benjamin Banker launch Coldwell Banker in the wake of the San Francisco earthquake. They quickly establish and gain a reputation for honesty and integrity by leading their community and business leaders in rebuilding that market.

Executive Leadership

agent executive
Brandon Fugal founded Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors, the Top-Performing Coldwell Banker Commercial Office globally - an honor maintained since 2003 and is the #1 Coldwell Banker Commercial broker in the world.
Rob Cord is a 28-year commercial real estate veteran whose expertise governs national expansion efforts at Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors. His strengths are in business development, recruiting, and operations.
Executive Chief of Staff
Adam has been an integral part of CBC Advisors growth, as a chief strategist, analyst, and operational manager. A national Rhodes scholarship finalist and Summa Cum Laude graduate of the Marriott School of Business and Kennedy School of International Studies.
Chief Executive Officer
Lew Cramer is one of the most well connected economic development leaders in the nation. He is one of 4 Americans to currently serve on the World Trade Centers Association Board of Directors and was former Director General of the U.S. Commercial Service.
Chief Financial Officer
Blake is an accomplished financial and operational executive having acted as President, CFO, or COO of multiple successful mid-sized companies and orchestrating multiple successful private equity sales.
Principal Broker
Steve is the ultimate industry veteran with over 40 years of experience as a top performing agent and over two decades of experience as a principal broker. Steve holds his brokers license in 6 states and has presided over more than 20,000 real estate transactions.